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Alaska Relay

Alaska Relay

In consideration for my registration in the 2019 Alaska Relay, I understand and agree to the following:

1. As correspondence is exclusively via email, the captain must provide an accurate email address.

2. Payment is due with registration and is made via PayPal, or by check. If you elect to pay by check, you will be sent an invoice by e-mail with a due date. Your registration will not be official until your check is received and will be cancelled if payment is not received by due date.

3. The minimum age for participants is fourteen (14) years of age. the parent or legal guardian of any participant not yet eighteen (18) must sign the waiver of liability along with the participant.

4. VOLUNTEERS: I understand that my team is responsible for picking one of the two volunteer options:

  • Option #1- Supply volunteers: Each 12-person team will supply two (2) volunteers. The minimum age for a volunteer is 18 years old, or 14 with accompanying adult volunteer. Volunteers need to be flexible. As the relay route is 200-miles long and takes place continuously over two days, assignments can be anywhere along the route and at any time during the relay. I understand that if any of our volunteer(s) do not show up on time, my team may receive a time penalty. If our team does not supply the required volunteer(s), I understand we will not be permitted to start. If any of our volunteer(s) do not show up at their selected assignment, I understand our team will be disqualified and our team agrees we will not continue.
  • Option #2-  "HIRE A VOLUNTEER" - 100% of funds go directly to a local non-profit organization who will supply volunteers as a fund-raising opportunity for their organization. Support our local communities and the non-profit organizations that participate in the race and take the stress out of finding volunteers.

Please initial your understanding and agreement of the volunteer requirement.

5. I understand my team must be able to complete the course within the 35-hour (35:00) time limit. If our team projects a slower pace then this, special arrangements will be made at the race director's discretion.

Please initial your understanding and agreement of the team time restriction.

6. I understand that once registration is paid, the registration fee is non-refundable & non-transferable. A new captain can be designated. I also understand that waivers (Acknowledgment And Assumption Of Risk And Release And Indemnity Agreement) will need to be signed and submitted by all participants (runners, volunteers and van drivers if present).

In consideration of this, North by Northwest Relays will do everything in its power to hold the relay as advertised, but due to the nature of the event, extenuating circumstances not under the control of the event organizers may necessitate course changes or even cancellation for the safety of the participants. These circumstances include, but are not limited to: weather and other forces of nature, last minute road closures and construction, floods, or forest fires. If the event is truncated and cancelled for such reasons, partial refunds and/or deferments will be made available.

Please initial your understanding and agreement of the waiver requirement and the refund policy.

7. RISK ACCEPTANCE: I understand that the course for the Alaska Relay is held along public roads including the shoulder of Seward Highway - there are no road closures and generally no additional traffic control. Wildlife encounters (moose and bear) are a distinct possibility anywhere on the course, including Anchorage. I acknowledge that as team captain, I must make all members of my team aware of these risks.

Please initial your understanding and agreement of the public nature of the roads on the course & the possibility of wildlife.

8. I understand that as the captain I am responsible for informing my team of the rules of the Alaska Relay as stated in the Race Guide, and that infractions by individuals will result in penalties and/or disqualifications against the team as a whole. I also understand that all participants are still subject to all state and local laws for vehicles, pedestrians, and general behavior.

Please initial your responsibility to read and abide by the Race Guide and your agreement to be held to all rules and penalties. You also agree that if your team is disqualified for any infraction, your team will depart from the race in an orderly manner.

10. For complete information, visit the Registration Information page for the Alaska Relay at www.NxNWRelays.com

Nov 8 - Jan 31*
Early Bird
Feb 1 - May 15* May 16 - Jun 2**
Late Registration
12-person Team (7-12 runners) None (check)
$1300 (Paypal/Credit)
$1400 (check)
$1400 (Paypal/Credit)
$1500 (check)
$1500 (Paypal/Credit)
Ultra Team (4-6 runners) None (check)
$800 (Paypal/Credit)
$900 (check)
$900 (Paypal/Credit)
$1000 (check)
$1000 (Paypal/Credit)
High School Team (7-12 runners)
All team members must be high school students - graduating in 2019 okay; no volunteer requirements.
None (check)
$420 (Paypal/Credit)
$420 (check)
$420 (Paypal/Credit)
$420 (check)
$420 (Paypal/Credit)
Half Team (6 runners to be paired with another half team) None (check)
$650 (Paypal/Credit)
$700 (check)
$700 (Paypal/Credit)
$750 (check)
$750 (Paypal/Credit)

Only teams choosing Volunteer Option #2 for the non-profit volunteers are required to make a donation based on the following schedule:





Full Teams***

Ultra Teams &


At time of registration (thru May 15th) or change thru March 31st*.




Change to non-profit volunteers after March 31st.




Registration or Change after May 15th**




*A team can decide to change from Volunteer Option #1 to Volunteer Option #2 up until March 31st, without penalty - you must contact the race director to make this switch. Once a team selects Volunteer Option #2, no changes can be made.

**Only if non-profit volunteers are available.

*** Full teams may opt to supply 1 volunteer and pay for the 2nd at the Ultra/6-pak rate. Please contact race director to request this. 

As the Captain entering a team into the Alaska Relay, I agree to and understand all that has been stated above.

Please enter your first and last name to continue: